Breaking The Paradigm

Its Impact On Money and You

History teaches us the risk vs. reward paradigm, which is if you want a higher return, you need to take a higher risk and if you want a lower risk, you need to expect a lower return.

That is the risk/reward paradigm. It’s certainty is embedded in our minds like the laws of nature, like gravity, or the earth’s revolution around the sun.

Now that we all agree about the certainty of the risk/reward paradigm. Let’s destroy it and permanently change how you invest. Transforming the risk/reward paradigm to produce extraordinarily high returns with extremely low risk.

I’m talking about the kinds of returns that produce double-digit annual yields, but with the safety, stability and low volatility of the controlled risk profile expected from fixed income investments such as bonds or annuities.

The way we reliably achieve this outcome is through 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology™, which is a first in real-time risk mitigation and loss avoidance for the financial industry! But that’s not all, it is also the first to be able to predict not only high quality, but highly probable profit opportunities caused by short-term liquidity imbalances in the financial markets.

It’s all about perspective, gravity is a constant that doesn't change with time, circumstance or condition. However, the effect of gravity on us does change, once you leave the earth’s atmosphere. And that is what we are doing here, getting people to leave the boundaries of our economic atmosphere for a place where low risk and high returns take effect.

In order to achieve all of this, I’m going to have to break the investment paradigm you've been living under that will no longer serve you in the evolving economic playing field.

Which is plagued by a growing number of geopolitical and resource risks, along with the effects of:

Rigged markets, central bank manipulated economies and inflationary concerns that can send financial shockwaves through the western economies.

Many well-respected economists, billionaires and noted authors are warning that 30%-50% of wealth will be wiped out among the “savvy investors” in the next economic downturn. But that fact isn’t something you’ll need to fear, when you have our proprietary principle-based technology working for you. Having a principle-based approach means you don’t have to worry about the ever-changing conditions in the market or evolving economic circumstance.

That gives you a level of control and the confidence to not only preserve your capital, especially in the face of uncertainty, but you’ll be able to experience meaningful returns that can beat nearly all other investment vehicles and produce returns that are unimaginable to many because they break the risk/reward paradigm.

I’m going to demonstrate how you can reliably take extremely low risk for extraordinary high returns by harnessing 2 unique components of our proprietary analysis technology. Reliably predicting opportunity and reliably predicting failure (before capital is at risk) and we do this over and over again throughout the year with uncanny accuracy!

There are 9 elements that offer extremely low risk, which you’ll want to consider when you have our proprietary investment analysis technology working for you.

#1: The time you’re exposed to the market (and therefore exposed to risk) is extraordinarily low (often just 10 minutes to an hour).

#2: There’s no exposure to overnight volatility (events in the world change while you sleep easy at night).

#3: Your downside risk is limited to approximately 2%-3% of your investment account balance. Yet you’re still able to leverage 100% of your investment balance (wait till you realize how this further reduction in risk produces a dramatic jump on your internal ROI).

You no longer need to be stuck with unavoidable downturns or corrections of 10%, 20% or more. This means no more holding on to the uncertainty of large or growing negative positions.

#4: You can be 100% liquid, 100% of the time. That’s all cash, anytime, any day! That means anytime you want your money, it is 100% accessible to you at a moment’s notice with a simple push of a button. Just like accessing your own bank account online, whenever you want!

#5 You do not give custody of your money to anyone (nobody has access or gains possession of your capital).

#6: There’s no lock-up period, no long-term obligation or commitments.

#7: There is no penalty if you choose to terminate your relationship.

#8: You maintain 100% control

(in other words, you’re not committed or stuck for any long period of time. Whenever you decide you no longer want to participate, you can stop, without consequence).

#9: There are no fees for service, unless, a minimum (above average) return is produced. If you do not get your preferred return, you pay us nothing.

Here’s how this works:
With our unique model, we can afford to provide our clients an above average minimum ROI collar or benchmark which is free of fees and/or splits.

That means there is absolutely no load, no fund, no service, holding, management, balance, trade or transaction fees. The minimum ROI benchmark free of any fees is 1% monthly (that’s up to 12% annually fee-free).

This means, each month, if we only achieve a 1% ROI, over a 12 month period, your account has generated a compounded 12.6% net return to you, fee-free with total transparency!

Compare that with the typical experience an investor has in the market. Anywhere else in the industry, that 12.6% return starts to erode with fees like:

-money under management fees (1%-3%),

-financial services fees ($5K-$20K),

-fund fees (0.5%-2%) and,

-administrative fees (0.5%-3%).

And many others, which sometimes don’t even show up on your statements
(as recently noted on CNBC, MSNBC and in many written articles in the industry).

No one has ever asked you to put a price on having 100% total control on your investments, because you never had it (at least not like this). But now you do!

All of this isn’t actually the only benefit of our proprietary principled-based approach. I mentioned earlier that you could essentially stop guessing and remove the gamble about where your investments will go, regardless of economic conditions with uncanny accuracy?

This means you no longer need to worry about what direction a market is headed in.

Our principled-based approach to investing when utilizing 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology™ does NOT change our ability to confidently profit with changes in market direction, condition, time or circumstance.

This technology allows us to identify and avoid up to 90% of the seemingly attractive opportunities that the rest of the financial industry end up investing in and getting stuck.

Now let me prove to you how it is possible to confidently invest with 90% accuracy and consistency. How confident are you in predicting that there will be a strong demand for red roses in mid February? Or that gift wrapping paper sales will spike in the month of December?

These predictions are as close to 90%+ as anything can be in life, because there are strong cultural expectations which trigger certain behaviors over and over with reliability, at very predictable times!

People buy roses for Valentine’s Day and gift wrapping paper for Christmas presents each and every year like clock-work (because that’s the cultural expectation).

One of the most efficient investment vehicles in the world, which offers the most flexibility, choices and a constant stream of opportunity, are the world’s financial markets!

The financial markets around the world have a very distinct culture. That culture also carries clearly defined and measurable expectations for behavior. Once you know what those expectations are, you can build an amazing investment model that profits by serving those needs.

Just the same way that the florist makes money selling roses for Valentine’s Day, or stores make money selling gift wrapping paper “in season”. But the unique advantage here is, we aren’t stuck the rest of the time giving back a significant portion of our profits, waiting till things turn around again, or for the next season to show up. Plus, in the financial markets, these “seasonal” spikes in demand happen dozens of times each and every year!

Our firm focuses on special situations like these in the market. This means we profit from event driven strategies that focus on very short term liquidity imbalances that occur in the financial markets with regularity. This allows us to work within the financial trading day and reap the benefits that come with avoiding any overnight risk.

Ironically, most people aren’t even aware that these events are occurring right before their very eyes! That’s because unlike news events, the events I’m discussing, weren't really detectable before the development of the 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology™.

Now you know the 2 critical components that manufacture extraordinarily high returns, with extremely low risk and with it, you can confidently know that the odds of achieving stable double-digit returns with consistency are better than 80%-90%, while dramatically reducing your exposure to risk!

This innovation is something that nobody else in this industry is offering! Now I know what you must be wondering, so let’s look at how we achieve these results.

Here is a brief clip, from a previous presentation during an RBJ Financial Group LIVE Worldwide online event, by financial industry expert and two-time internationally recognized author Bo Yoder.

It’s very important to understand the concept of a statistical edge.

A statistical edge is the result of lots and lots of research, and it can be as simple as researching over the last 20 years and discovering that the first Monday of every month is likely to be a big UP day. It could be that you find that the market has a tendency to reverse around 2:00pm…These are all statistical edges in the market.

Let’s assume that whatever the edge is, it has a 60% win rate.  That is to say, that for every 100 times this opportunity shows up in the markets, we can assume that we will experience about 60 winners and 40 losers.

Now, the sticking point with approaching the markets with a statistical edge is, that you never know which 60 opportunities out of your sample of 100 are going to be the winners, and which 40 are going to be the losers.

This “not knowing until it’s too late” experience is common to most traditional investment strategies. Most professional money managers just assume that they will have a significant number of losers, and expect that the winners they capture will offset the losses, and bring them back into the black.  They don’t try to avoid these losing trades, because they don’t think it’s possible…

Now, what we have done is put a layer of analysis on top of a traditional statistical edge. So, if we took that same 60% trading strategy and added our proprietary 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology™  Analysis to the process, this analysis will allow us to predict with 80%-90% accuracy which market opportunities are likely to end up being one of the 40 losers that we would expect to experience as the statistical edge plays itself out.

If you are able to successfully identify and avoid the majority of losing positions in any given statistical edge, the outcome would look like this…

The market offers 100 opportunities to take a position with a 60% chance of a successful outcome.

You would still see the same number of winners, because math is math…we can’t manufacture more winners from an opportunity that will only produce 60 winners out of 100.

What we CAN do, is put a layer of 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology ™ analysis on top of this statistical edge and thus predict, identify and avoid 80% of your losers, now you are left with only 8 losers instead of 40.

If you are able to identify losers, and avoid them before you get stuck, with 90% accuracy, you would be left with only 4 losers, which gives you an effective win rate, in other words the win rate that you experience of 88%-94%.

But look at another thing that 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology™ delivers…out of 100 potential trades, if you took all 60 of the winners, but only 4-8 losers,  you took just 68 trades our of 100…you are working less BUT making more…it’s a win-win scenario.

So that’s what we do and offer. If you are interested in learning more, or having a conversation about how we might apply the power of 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology™ for you, go through the rest of our information contained on this site. You can also reach out to us and we will be happy to help you.

However, please note that with our high level of service, we can only work with a small number of clients. This is not a mass appeal, there is an application process to become a client during our open enrollment. Our limited slots are awarded on a first-come-first-served basis to those who qualify.

Please apply now if you are interested, so that you secure your position on our waiting list.