Breaking The Paradigm

Our firm's proprietary risk analysis and forecasting technology, 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology®, and Probability Analysis Layer allow us to identify profitable opportunities and accurately forecast what would otherwise be hidden market vulnerabilities that you want to avoid, which lead to inconsistent to poor performance outcomes.

Utilizing our proprietary predictive risk analysis technology, we've created the financial industry's first Market Vulnerability Index™ which enables you to grow your capital without being vulnerable to the common levels of risk, randomness, and uncertainty. 

This model provides accurate indications and timely forecasts of the vulnerabilities forming in any financially traded instrument in any market. So as you profit, you can now more effectively avoid giving back your valuable capital to the otherwise hidden forces that work against you in the markets.

By proactively taking steps to guard your capital against most major draw-downs, substantial corrections and unnecessary losses that others believe are unavoidable...

We reverse the traditional view that in order to capture higher returns, you must assume higher risk...

Instead, we objectively stack the odds in your favor, by utilizing our proprietary predictive risk analysis technology, our clients experience dramatically reduced risk with above-average market returns...

This means you now have the ability to limit risk without limiting or restricting your upside potential.  

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 Maximizing Risk Control

You no longer need to surrender to the frustrating uncertainty of the ever-changing market conditions, or the manipulations played out in the market.

Experience an unprecedented level of transparency in true market conditions that provide clarity and confidence through an innovative analysis and risk forecasting technology, which is unparalleled in the industry.

Our firm has a unique ability to provide the kind of analysis that forecasts which investment opportunities are predisposed to provide a positive experience and which are best avoided because they're predisposed to struggle or fail before any risk is assumed.

This allows our clients to tap into above-average returns, without the traditional level of risk, uncertainty from steep draw-downs, substantial corrections and losing streaks that are common to traditional investment models.

The informational advantage the Market Vulnerability Index™ provides in the markets are made possible through the innovation of our proprietary 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology® and Probability Analysis Layer™ 

Together, these analysis and forecasting models are the engine that drives our dependable and consistent price forecasts.

The signals generated from these models have accurately forecasted almost every substantial correction and market collapse over the last 7 years.

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 Predictive Risk Forecasting

When we first introduced 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology® and Probability Analysis Layer utilizing our firm's proprietary approach to forecasting key areas of vulnerability to substantial price shifts and growing risks...

Our critics said it was impossible to dependably forecast the markets...

Until we did just that and have continued to do so since we formally launched our consulting and educational training services in 2011.

Since statistics can be distorted to fit a particular agenda. We applied our technology in real-time, in front of a worldwide audience during a live month-long online event, literally forecasting the key turning points in the market.

This is why we have always built our business around live interactions and real-time proof, not just historical evidence.

We invite you to experience how the power of our proprietary analysis and risk forecasting technology produces unparalleled forecasting accuracy throughout the toughest market environments for more dependable outcomes.

Whether you're an active trader, long-term investor or fund manager...

Can you afford to put your capital at risk without knowing when and where the odds are shifting against you, making you highly vulnerable to taking another (now avoidable) loss?

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Eliminate Having To Gamble On Outcomes

Accurately Forecast Market Vulnerabilities In Real-Time

So You Can Profit By Choice, Not By Chance


Will Your Trading Capital and Investment Portfolio
Be Victimized By The Hidden Market Vulnerabilities
That Even The Best Money Managers and Financial
Are Clueless About?

Learn How To Detect The Financial Cancers In The Market
That Eventually Ruin Every Trading System and Investment Strategy...

Causing Account Volatility, Giving Back Important Gains and 
Losing Precious Time Making Up For Losses,
Instead of Preserving What You Have and Confidently Growing Capital

Immunizes Capital

Immunize Investment Capital Against Substantial Market Corrections and Downturns (No More Stressful Guessing, Hoping and Holding On To Large or Growing Negative Positions).

Shields Investment

Reduce General Exposure To Market Risk, Uncertainty, and Substantial Draw-downs To As Little As 2%-3% of Investment Capital Without Sacrificing Upside Potential.

Predictive Risk Forecasting

Identify Growing Risk Factors, Market Vulnerabilities, As Well As Significant Turning Points Which Are Produced Before Capital Is Committed (Consistently Generated With A High Level of Accuracy).

Forecasts Opportunity

Our Analysis Model Forecasts Significant Turning Points and Major Changes In Market Conditions Which Can Also Forecast Low Risk, High Probability Profit Opportunities Which Have Consistently Beat The Benchmarks.