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Roger Khoury aka The Market Doctor™

Most investors, even professional fund managers have acquired and express unhealthy habits that the industry breeds when it comes to investing in the world’s financial markets.


One of the symptoms of this fact, is that the large majority of funds have a very difficult time achieving wealth generating double-digit annual returns that can consistently beat not only the benchmarks, but more importantly inflation!


Most believe that sitting through periods where the uncertainty of holding downturns that can wipe out 10%-30% (if not more) of a given portfolio is normal and unavoidable.


However, no longer is this gamble a necessary evil in the markets. Stability, consistency, and confidence no longer have to come at the cost of meaningful performance. 


Roger Khoury aka The Market Doctor™ (as his clients affectionately call him) has developed and pioneered an innovative remedy to this frustrating reality that almost everyone experiences at some point in their investment/trading efforts.


Since 1996, Roger Khoury has used his business skills and international experience to synthesize that knowledge and uniquely apply it to his interests as a private investor/trader. This ultimately led to an approach he passionately developed to trade the world’s financial markets in a revolutionary way when he created the 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology™ and Investment/Trading Methodology, for unparalleled risk control and consistent performance.


His principle-based methodology at its core is a comprehensive forecasting, probability analysis, and filtration system. It also encompasses a set of unique strategies, as well as a special money and risk management technique that dramatically reduces exposure to risk, unlike anything else currently being implemented in the industry.


His insightful approach allows market participants to accurately measure and objectively forecast future price movements with key turning points for any market, in any condition. For the first time, market participants can know when a trade/position is likely to fail before either going in or staying in and getting stuck.


Essentially, it measures the probability for success through growing or shrinking risk factors, to keep market participants out when the odds are low or stacked against them.


Professionals are surprised at the accuracy and consistency of his methodology’s forecasting ability and probability analysis.


Forecasting and timing the market short-term as well as picking key turning points, especially tops and bottoms is commonly believed to be impossible. Yet Roger challenges this belief by his willingness to prove his concept routinely in front of a live world-wide audience watching over his shoulder as he forecasts price movements in real-time during live market action intra-day.


As he loves to say, “I can’t fake or hide behind live!”  Accurately timing the markets, minimizes time wasted on the charts and eliminates poor and inconsistent investment/trading results. This is definitely an industry first but it’s finally available to market participants who qualify to engage Roger and his team of 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology™ masters.


Furthermore, trading and investing in the markets no longer has to be a war-zone or parasitic in nature. Roger believes in delivering value on every level. When you experience the 3D Apex Trading Methodology utilizing the Predictive Failure Technology, you learn to approach the market as a Liquidity Provider who provides value to the market at key areas where you rightfully are due a profit.


You’re providing, not taking value from the market, which the market desperately needs in order to function properly. 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology™ and his methodology driving it, is a real and viable solution to today's challenges in the markets.


However, because of the immense value and unique benefits it delivers, Roger and his team are very guarded about maintaining its edge. RBJ Financial Group keep it closely held and executed within very controlled parameters and utilized by carefully selected participants.


Once you experience this new way of approaching and interacting with the markets, you’ll discover the Missing Link to Profiting with Consistency in the world’s financial markets. Our market participants have total clarity and trade confidently without fear, despite volatile market conditions, as they learn to recognize and decipher the patterns hidden in what seems like random and chaotic price action to most.


Market participants are finally able to spot the early warning signs “hidden in plain sight” of an impending reversal which can lead to a “seemingly sudden” market crash and avoid altogether catastrophic events, if not prosper from them.


Few realize that Investing/Trading is a Professional Skill. Reliable, repeatable profits are key! It’s NOT about how much you make, it’s about how much you keep and how consistent your performance is.


Therefore, you must remove uncertainty and luck as a factor and work with an objective, rules-based business method, with accurate metrics that produces dependable, deliberate results.


As you'll quickly realize in virtually any interaction or experience with Roger, he's extremely passionate and energetic about his drive to genuinely help and provide value to others. It's just who he is at the core. The immense amount of personal satisfaction and value he feels in what he can deliver to others motivates him to share this with those whose lives would be positively transformed by it


Roger found that by teaching and duplicating himself through a carefully selected group of people not only made good business sense, but it would ultimately lead to giving him the extra time he needed to continue following his heart pursuing his diverse interests. One of which is his extreme devotion to his family and loved ones.


Not surprisingly, he chooses to stay active and is very passionately involved in all aspects of the business he’s established, especially in the mentoring of his private clients.


Roger’s approach is a true paradigm shift as it uniquely removes the uncertainty, gamble, and gut-wrenching stress experienced by conventionally educated fund managers/investors/traders.


Experienced market professionals (veteran traders) and total beginners alike who are successful entrants of the RBJ Financial Group small exclusive community of clients, enjoy stable, yet superior performance levels which come from properly implementing his unconventional, but simple and prudent process.


Gone are the days of unnecessary stress, depressive frustration, guessing and hoping for a profit. A stable, confident and dependable experience is the norm for clients utilizing his proprietary technology avoiding the risk and stress normally associated with the markets.


Take Control, Become Informed and Secure the health and well-being of your Financial Future, despite economic conditions. It’s easier and far more simple than you may have been led to believe.


Play the Videos available on this site. Note what Bo Yoder shares about his experience (one of the most knowledgeable and trusted names in the industry, known for his down-to-earth, no-hype, straight-forward style) and See What’s In It For You


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