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 Avoid Feeling Stuck

By utilizing 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology®, our clients avoid the roller-coaster effect, inevitable corrections and stressful losses that others believe are unavoidable.

We reverse the traditional view that in order to capture higher returns, you must assume higher risk. Instead, our clients experience performance stability through lower risk, higher probability outcomes with returns that regularly beat the market benchmarks.

If you've experienced a significant loss, our proprietary services allow clients to avoid further losses and can instead identify hidden, low-risk, high probability opportunities for a confident recovery.

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 Eliminate The Gamble

Today's manipulated and fragile markets require a specialized non-traditional approach to guard against the infamous HFT algorithms, market volatility, "seemingly" sudden corrections, Central Bank influence, market bubbles, as well as geopolitical risks.

Our proprietary 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology® addresses those concerns and turns investing in the financial markets into a more conservative and effective vehicle to generate cash-flow, secure a confident retirement and build wealth despite hostile market conditions.

We can now forecast which investments are likely to struggle or fail to move higher before any risk is assumed; thereby, eliminating uncertainty, significant corrections and losing streaks that are common to today's traditional investment models.

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 Reduce Risk and Volatility

With 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology® you can reliably reduce a considerable percentage of your current risk and account volatility.

Avoid the stress of "seemingly" random/unforeseen reversals or large downturns, especially in uncertain, volatile and even bearish markets. Instead, identify and profitably take advantage of significant turning points before they occur.

We understand that statistics can be distorted, which is why we've built our reputation around LIVE, REAL-TIME proof. View our forecasts through our Public Service Announcement to experience the value, power and consistency of our proprietary analysis and forecasting model.

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Our Proprietary Analysis and Forecasting Model Provides 3 Distinct Benefits:

1. Gauges The Market Odds:
Gauges When The Odds Are Best For High Probability Profit Opportunities And More Importantly When They Are Not. Our proprietary technology identifies the underlying weaknesses that are undetectable by most market participants in otherwise promising market opportunities.

This detailed level of probability analysis minimizes the uncertainty, thus the frustration and mediocre to poor performance levels that come with the inherently limited insight of traditional investment models.

With this proprietary knowledge, our investment managers know with confidence and great accuracy the probability of success or failure of each market opportunity before capital is committed.

Moreover, once an investment position is taken, our proprietary technology dynamically measures evolving shifts in the probability of an investment position's ability to be carried forward to its intended profit objective.

The decision-making and management process of an investment position are no longer subject to the ambiguity of the seeming unpredictability and randomness of the market.

Therefore, if the odds of success shift in midstream, our proprietary technology signals that the probability of a profitable outcome in a meaningful time-frame is beginning to erode, allowing ample time to avoid unproductive cycles in the market.

2. Predictive Risk Management:
Unprecedented Forecasting Accuracy In Both Optimal Moments To Engage and Disengage The Market. Holding onto the growing risk of negative positions while hoping for a market to recover favorably is often the strategy of market participants who have been conditioned to expect this as the norm.

This posture ultimately leads to widely varied risk and eventually disappointing outcomes.

3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology® delivers an uncanny level of forecasting accuracy that signals when risks are significantly increasing against an investment position, which is not commonly detected through other means until it's generally too late.

This allows our investment managers to protect capital by exiting the market before it fully turns against them, thus avoiding large or growing losses.

By avoiding the majority of the downside risk which is accompanied by both direct and the indirect loss of earning potential deemed unavoidable by the industry as a whole, our proprietary technology allows investors to keep a focus on capital preservation without sacrificing upside potential.

3. Dynamic Liquidity Analysis:
Likely Turning Points Are Signaled Before They Occur (Both Up and Down Cycles). Making an educated guess about when and where to enter/exit a market, then hoping to make a profit within a statistical edge is the accepted norm within the financial industry.

Our proprietary technology produces real-time liquidity analysis data, which preemptively warns of imbalances in supply/demand that are likely to negatively impact an investment position.

At RBJ Financial Group our clients no longer need to submit to the conventional norm. Our proprietary analysis/forecasting model (already executed on over 16,000 positions in the market) allows investors and investment managers alike, to confidently know where the market is likely to turn ‘for‘ or ‘against‘ them before it does, with great accuracy.

Minimal time exposure due to an accurate forecast of dynamically changing supply/demand risk factors is a critical value of the type of special situations investment strategy RBJ Financial Group employs using our proprietary analysis/forecasting model.

It is especially crucial in the ever-changing conditions of today's volatile markets, to accomplish profit objectives while minimizing the unproductive time our positions are exposed to the markets.

Your performance need not be random or dependent on shifting market circumstances that "seem" uncontrollable. 

3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology® will reliably take the luck, guesswork and stress out of your decision-making process and replace them with deliberate, repeatable outcomes. It will equip you with a high level of accuracy and the necessary information you need to confidently know where your market of interest is statistically likely to go (based on our proprietary analysis and forecasting model) BEFORE you're unnecessarily committed.

Our clients utilize our services to confidently put themselves in the top 1%-5% in performance compared to 25,000+ professionally managed funds. For a feasibility session, please reach out to us through our form below.

Roger_About_Us_backgrnd_nice3NOTE: The Benefits Presented Herein Relies On Over 10,000 Hours In Development and A Data-Set of Well Over 16,000 Individual Investment Positions Executed By Clients and Reviewed By Me Using The Final Form of My Analysis/Forecasting Model Since Its Inception. -Roger Khoury aka The Financial Market Doctor™

Watch As Roger Khoury Was Challenged
To Prove His Analysis and Forecasting Model
LIVE In Real Time

If You Want To Know How To Eliminate The Level of Uncertainty and Inconsistency
That Most People Experience, Then Watch The LIVE EXAMPLE On What It Takes
To Avoid Gambling On Outcomes In The Market
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Did you Know That All Investment and Trading Strategies/Models
Have An Inherent Flaw?
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Discover How We Fix That
To Stop Gambling On Outcomes

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Bo's Work Has Been Featured In:


More About Bo Yoder

Bo Yoder, MBA is one of the three partners at RBJ Financial Group. Besides working with clients, Bo also assists with managing the trading operations for the RBJ Financial Group in-house private fund.

Bo has enjoyed being a professional career trader, internationally recognized author (twice published by McGraw Hill, with book translations in German and Japanese). He's also been a speaker and a go-to consultant in the financial industry on matters of risk management and trader development before learning Roger Khoury's proprietary analysis and forecasting model and becoming a partner at RBJ Financial Group.

About Dr. Jared Goldstine

Jared Goldstine, PhD is one of the three partners at RBJ Financial Group. He brings a unique focus on the scientific process to testing & strategy development while overlaying Roger’s proprietary analysis/forecasting and filtration model of the 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology® that complements the efforts of both Roger and Bo.

His valuable experience and insights from both the scientific field as well as his own personal investing experience, a long-held family tradition, has played an important role in continually proving the proprietary model's ability to generate a consistent range of results despite asset class, shifting market conditions or financial objectives.

About Roger Khoury aka The Market Doctor™

Roger_About_Us_backgrnd_nice3Roger Khoury (Innovator and Creator/Developer of 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology®) is the Founder of the partnership at RBJ Financial Group and oversees the in-house trading and forecasting operations as well as managing client consults.

Roger has invested over 10,000 hours in development to produce his proprietary loss avoidance analysis and price forecasting model 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology®. His model makes it possible to reliably produce cash-flow and routinely grow capital without gambling on outcomes.

Additionally, over 4,000 hours were also invested in the development of a diverse group of investors to prove his model's ability to generate a consistent range of results despite experience levels, backgrounds or financial objectives.

Between the principals at RBJ Financial Group and dozens of clients over several years, well over 16,000 positions (financial trades) combined, have been taken and reviewed since its inception utilizing the proprietary analysis/forecasting model. This reflects an ample set of data to highlight the reliability of the range of results, outlining its robustness in all market conditions, on any time frame and in any asset class.

This gives us the confidence to do what no one else in the industry dares, which is: we don't just ride on past successes (since past performance isn't indicative of future results), we routinely host real-time market forecasting events in front of LIVE audiences to reflect its consistency (you can access FREE market forecasts that will likely affect your retirement portfolio through our Public Service Announcement page at

NOTE: Our layer of analysis and price forecasting is a principle-based approach and is equally applicable to any investment/trading strategy or model being implemented in any asset class within the financial markets, regardless of market condition, time-frame or entry/exit objectives.

PROOF: Confident Capital Growth, Consistent Price Forecasts In All Markets

Experience Confident Capital Growth

Benefits of Overlaying The Probability Analysis Layer™ (P.A.L.™) and Forecasting Power of 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology® Onto Your Investment Model(s):

  • The Probability Analysis Layer™ and 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology® Can Be Applied Onto Any Current Strategy or Model, Regardless of Time-Frame, Asset Class or Market Condition.

  • Know With Confidence Where Your Market of Interest Is Going, How Far It Can Go and When It'll Likely Reverse (from a statistical point of view so that you can choose to work only where the odds are stacked in your favor).

  • Learn How To Avoid The Roller Coaster Effect In Your Investment Accounts...Keep More of Your Gains and Avoid Riding The Major Down Cycles, So That Up Cycles In Your Account Can Contribute To True Capital Growth Not Filling A Financial Hole.
Look At The Consistency of Our Forecasts

Predict The Probability of Failure...Before You're Stuck!
(Already In A Compromised State? Reach Out To Us Below!)

Our firm's proprietary analysis and forecasting technology changes the game and therefore the rules.

By approaching investing in a radically different way than the industry does, we produce radically different results, which outperform the markets with a high level of consistency (as of 1Q, 2016, over 16,000 positions have been executed in the markets and reviewed using our proprietary analysis/forecasting model).

By accessing our forecasting model of when the market is statistically likely to turn for and against your investment bias BEFORE it does, you can more reliably manage your investment decisions to achieve your financial objectives, regardless of market condition or time-frame.

The Consistency of Our LIVE Public Forecasts Speaks For Itself
(Note The Timing of Our Forecasts As Well As Price Targets On Our PSA Page)

To see some of our forecasts, click the following link: Public Service Announcement (PSA) page.

Fill in the form below and let us know what would make the difference for you to accomplish your goals in the markets. We look forward to seeing how we can use our experience and proprietary services to help you confidently achieve your objectives.

Watch Our Popular Predictions of: (SPY), (AAPL), (FB), (JP), (GS), (GILD)

Review these brief public forecasts predicting some of the important tops and major downturns of some popular symbols...

S&P500 (SPY), Apple Inc (AAPL), Facebook (FB), JP Morgan (JP), Goldman Sachs (GS), and Gilead Sciences (GILD) with TIMING parameters for Gilead - A MUST SEE!

These Predictions Were Made Possible By:
3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology®
The Engine That Drives Our Analysis and Forecasts

Watch the short summary video snippets of these popular forecasts here:



Avoid unnecessarily giving back and losing more of your hard-earned money in the markets. You can follow up on more recent forecasts and access the same information that has already helped our fans and clients keep more of what they have through our Public Service Announcement page at

Inquire below and get started on a more stable, dependable path to grow your capital, secure your long-term financial and retirement goals, as well as cash-flow the market.

Stop Depending On Luck For Profitable Outcomes!

Making Money In The Financial Markets Isn't A Mystery...
When You Have A Dependable Analysis/Forecasting Model
That Confidently Tells You When The Odds Are Low
For Making and Keeping Money In The Markets!

Watch As Roger Khoury Accurately Predicts The Intra-Day Price Movements In The Stock Of Apple Inc. To Reflect The Versatility, Consistency and Value of 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology® LIVE and In Real-Time.

(We do this in the Futures, Currency, and Bond markets as well)

These series of predictions were done LIVE in front of a worldwide audience.
The original session lasted 2+ hours, and has been edited down to just 27 Minutes to highlight the key segments for your convenience.



Also Access Our FREE Public Service Announcement (PSA) Page Here

RBJ Financial Group provides FREE general market analysis and valuable education to help the many who cannot generally access this type of information.

Any time we believe there is a major concern in the broader markets that impacts the masses who cannot afford to lose and wait to make up important gains in their investment and retirement portfolios, we will make our proprietary analysis available through our Free PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT page HERE (

Take note of how consistent and accurate our forecasts have been since we began publishing them for the general public's benefit back in January of 2015. Many people have written to us telling us how much our public forecasts have saved them from losing money and avoided stressful circumstances. Let these forecasts help you too!

Remember to please share this valuable and time-sensitive information with others.

When you visit our PSA page, also be sure to Subscribe to the FREE PSA Cautionary Alerts for general market updates and you'll also be the first to be invited whenever we host our LIVE General Public Market Forecasts and LIVE Market Educational Events.

Let Our Proprietary Analysis/Forecasting Services
Avoid The Stress and Gamble From Investing For You Too!

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Fill In The Form To Inquire About The Probability Analysis Layer™ and 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology® and How It Can Be Applied To Accomplish Your Objectives Within The World's Financial Markets Without Gambling On Outcomes.

NOTE: RBJ Financial Group provides custom proprietary services to qualified clients. Filling out the form will be the first step to engaging one of the principals directly for a complimentary consultation and evaluation.

Read Our Mission Statement:

Our mission is to neutralize the risk, inconsistency and uncertainty with the trading and investment process, so that our clients can reliably access the true wealth generating power of the world's financial markets without gambling on outcomes. 

We accomplish this by using The Probability Analysis Layer™ and 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology® to eliminate the exposure to the "seeming" randomness and the traditionally accepted draw-downs (significant downturns), account volatility, major corrections and negative experiences that are historically and commonly associated with the markets.

NOTE: In the near future, we will be alerting "PSA Alerts" subscribers of a service being established to help a larger portion of our audience (though it will be somewhat limited to maintain quality) with a more personalized but affordable option to growing their capital and securing a more confident retirement in recognition of the overwhelming requests we've received.

Please be sure you're on that list (PSA Alerts) if you want the opportunity to explore that option for yourself or someone you know. We appreciate word of mouth referrals, so please pass on and share this valuable information to everyone you know. Thank you!

Our clients experience above average outcomes that beat industry benchmarks with less risk than they were generally exposed to before utilizing our services. Reach out to us today to see our forecasting abilities for yourself....please inquire for a complimentary feasibility session through the form above (Appointments based on availability).