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3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology®

Roger Khoury  aka  The Market Doctor™

Roger Khoury   The Creator and Developer of
3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology®

Increase Your Average Returns On
Stocks, Bonds, Commodities, Options or Currencies

While Reducing Up To 80% of Your Current Risk and Volatility (Guaranteed*)


All Investment and Trading Strategies Have An Inherent Flaw:
It's The Random Distribution of A Strategy's Statistical Edge
Discover How 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology® Fixes That...

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Predict The Probability of Failure... 
Before You're Stuck!

(Already In A Compromised State? This Is Your Life Raft)

By accessing our accurate forecasting model of when the market is statistically likely to turn for and against your investment bias before it does, you can more reliably achieve your financial objectives, regardless of market condition.

You may also be interested to see how our General Market Outlook and Forecast for 2015 panned out, written HERE in January 2015.

-Roger Khoury 
Creator and Developer of: 
3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology®
The Engine That Drives Our Analysis and Forecasts

Avoid The Stress of "Seemingly" Unforeseen Reversals or Large Down Moves,
Especially In Uncertain, Volatile and Even Bearish Markets...

Enjoy The Stability and Performance Consistency That Our Clients Experience!

This Short Video Highlights Our Popular Forecasts
Consistently Predicting The Market Tops and Large Downturns (Corrections) of: 
S&P500 (SPY), Apple Inc (AAPL), Facebook (FB), JP Morgan (JP), Goldman Sachs (GS),
and A Detailed Forecast With Timing Parameters (A MUST SEE) For Gilead Sciences (GILD) 


Not Every Risk Is A Good Risk To Take.
Now You Can Decipher Which Opportunities Are Statistically Advantaged 
Before Committing Any Further Time or Resources.


Benefits of Overlaying The Analysis and Forecasting Power of 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology® Onto Your Strategy/Model:
3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology® Can Be Applied Onto Any Current Strategy or Method/Program.
successKnow With Confidence Where Your Market of Interest Is Going, How Far It Can Go and When It'll Likely Reverse.
successNo More Roller Coaster Effect...Keep More of Your Gains and Avoid Riding The Major Down Cycles.
successSmooth Equity Curves With Meaningful Returns Without The Stress and Levels of Risk Generally Experienced. 
Finally You Can Eliminate The Gamble From Investing. Avoiding The Traditional Guess and Hope Approach.
successInquire Below and Get Started On A More Stable, Dependable Path To Grow Capital and Cash-Flow The Market. 


Watch As Roger Khoury Accurately Predicts The Intra-Day Price Movements In The Stock Of Apple Inc.

These series of predictions were done LIVE in front of a worldwide audience.  The session lasted 2+ hours, and has been edited down to highlight the key segments for time (27 Minutes).


Our firm's proprietary analysis and forecasting technology changes the game and therefore the rules.

By approaching investing in a radically different way than the industry does, we produce radically different results, which outperform the market with a high level of consistency.

Learn how you can avoid the bigger crash predicted by 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology® for a more secure and profitable outcome despite the challenging economic issues.

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About Roger Khoury

Roger Khoury Invested approximately 10,000 hours in development to produce his proprietary loss avoidance analysis and price forecasting model 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology® which now makes it possible to reliably cash-flow and grow your capital through the financial markets without gambling on outcomes.

Additionally, over 4,000 hours were also invested in the development of human resources to prove its ability to generate a consistent range of results over a diversified group of people from all experience levels, backgrounds and financial objectives.

Between the principals at RBJ Financial Group and dozens of clients over several years, approximately 15,000+ positions (financial trades) combined have been taken and reviewed since its inception utilizing the proprietary analysis/forecasting model, reflecting its robustness in all market conditions, on any time frame and asset class.

This gives us the confidence to do what no one else in the industry dares, which is we don't just ride on past successes (as past performance isn't indicative of future results), so we routinely host real-time market forecasting events in front of LIVE audiences to reflect its consistency.

NOTE: Our Layer of Analysis and Price Forecasting Is A Principle-Based Approach and Is Equally Applicable To Any and All Investment/Trading Positions Taken In The Financial Markets, Regardless of Market Condition, Entry/Exit Strategy, Investment/Trading Model, or Asset Class. 

About Bo Yoder

Bo Yoder is a Professional Career Trader, Internationally Recognized Author (Twice Published by McGraw Hill), Speaker and a Go-To Consultant In The Financial Industry On Matters of Risk Management and Trader Development.

Read Our Mission Statement:

Our mission is to neutralize the risk, inconsistency and uncertainty with the trading and investment process, so that our clients can reliably access the true wealth generating power of the world's financial markets without gambling on outcomes. 

We accomplish this by using 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology® to eliminate the exposure to the "seeming" randomness and the traditionally accepted drawdowns, account volatility, significant corrections and negative experiences that are historically and commonly associated with the markets.

Our Public Service:

RBJ Financial Group provides FREE general market analysis and valuable education to help the many who cannot generally access this type of information.

Any time we believe there is a major concern in the broader markets that impacts the masses who cannot afford to lose and wait to make up important gains in their investment and retirement portfolios, we will make our proprietary analysis available through our Free PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT page HERE (www.RBJpsa.info)

When you visit our PSA page, be sure to Subscribe to the FREE PSA Cautionary Alerts and you'll also be the first to be invited whenever we host our LIVE General Public Market Forecasts and LIVE Market Trading Events.

How Can Your Investing/Trading Approach or Financial Advisor Benefit With This Informational Advantage?

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Please be sure you're on that list (PSA Alerts) if you want the opportunity to explore that option for yourself or someone you know. We appreciate word of mouth referrals, so please pass on and share this valuable information to everyone you know. Thank you!


*We guarantee a 25% minimum increase over our client's average return on investment (through the financial markets) with less risk than they are generally exposed to, before utilizing our services or our performance services are free...please inquire for details.