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Roger Khoury
The Market Doctor™
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3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology®

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How Does The 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology™ Compare?

Below is the introduction video that set up the parameters and objectives for trading the market live in front of a world-wide audience online for the month of December 2014, which is a tough month to begin with.

However, we decided to artificially stack the odds against us (full details described below) and make December trading unusually difficult to come out on top.

There's no better way to reflect how robust and consistent The 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology™ is compared to what is currently available to market participants in any capacity.

Specifically we traded the S&P Index (Futures) since it is one of the most liquid markets but also because most funds measure their performance against the performance of the S&P Index itself.

Sailing Through A Tough Month Despite The Odds Stacked Against Us

In fact, December turned out to be a month where some top bank trading operations gave back and lost most of their gains for the year (news article located here).

The S&P itself lost 0.42% yet we finished the month of December trading the S&P and beating the Index's performance by a factor of almost 5 times, finishing the tough month up 2% (annualized, that is 24% - placing our performance compared against over 25,000 professionally managed funds in the world, in the top 2/10ths of 1%).

The purpose was to provide public, real-time proof of the ability that 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology™ has to consistently and accurately forecast market movement whether it's up, down or channeling sideways, as well as key turning points before they occur.

Keep in mind this was done under pressure and with a host of restrictions that limited our opportunities and hindered our chances for a successful and profitable outcome.

This reflects one of the key benefits of how it is now possible to avoid being stuck in downturns and corrections you'd rather not participate in.

Live Forecasts:
Watch Us Forecast In Real-Time
During The Month of December 2014
(Recorded In Front of A Live World-Wide Audience)

See How We Purposely Stacked The Odds AGAINST US, Making It Difficult To Succeed

1) We limited ourselves to trading approximately 1/3 of the time we would normally trade. This was to purposely restrict ourselves from the available opportunities we would normally be able to choose from.

2) We traded only one symbol, further restricting ourselves from all of the available choices in the market.

3) We traded under the pressure of having to perform in front of a live world-wide audience (which we recorded and archived) that was watching and comparing us and even interacting with us.

4) We decided to teach and somewhat keep everyone watching us a little entertained with all of our insights, concepts, etc. which was distracting us from what we should otherwise be doing and focusing on (This of course significantly increases the risk of human error and naturally poorer performance levels).

5) We only traded when we were live in front of everyone to see what we were doing and never outside those pre-scheduled times. We did this every week for the whole tough month of December.

6) During our time on the last day (as you can see in the second video below), we even went down to some of the smallest, nosiest and most unstable time-frames and accurately forecasted the intra-day tops, bottoms and false signals which occurred during our time together, just as we had been doing the entire month.

This really proved how reliable, consistent and robust 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology™ is compared to anything that has ever been available in the history of this industry. You'll see in the second video below that this innovation is truly an industry first and a total game-changer in the way a person engages/interacts with the markets.


The following video is a recording of the last LIVE December 2014 session in front of a world-wide audience online.

During this session we reviewed our time together for the month of December, our performance compared to all of the world's professional funds and then had some fun proving that the markets and their key turning points are predictable in the short-term with uncanny accuracy.

We will be working on a summarized (bite-sized) version of all of the live sessions recorded throughout December. For now, though this is the full unedited session, it's worth the time you'll invest in watching and becoming enlightened by the game-changing perspective you'll gain.

Be prepared to have your understanding of what is possible in the markets challenged through our time together during this live experience.

Now that you've seen the power and robustness of 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology™ you're in a position to make an intelligent decision as to how you would like to apply it to your particular situation.

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