Financial Investment Analysis, Multi-Market Research, Management and Consulting

The 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology® offers customized risk management solutions to sophisticated clients, single family offices and institutional clients.

Our proprietary suite of analysis tools generates above average returns without the draw-downs normally associated with traditional investment strategies.

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Minimum Criteria To Become A Client

CheckmarkFor Sophisticated Clients: Qualified clients minimum net worth of $2 million and above.

CheckmarkFor A Family Office: Minimum capital under management $25 million and above.

Checkmark For Institutional Clients: Minimum capital under management $100 million and above. 

Client Relationship Suitability: Potential clients must meet our proprietary internal criteria to ensure suitability during our initial discovery and due diligence session scheduled after the acceptance of an application.

Pathway To Becoming A Client

We are a professional firm that enjoys keeping our operation small to ensure quality of service and experience. Our proprietary analysis services are highly customized for each client.

We are very selective about whom we work with. We have a highly refined proprietary edge in the market which is not geared towards mass-consumption. Additionally, we pride ourselves in providing a very intimate and personalized experience. 

Working very closely with each one of our clients gives us the time and energy needed to treat them no differently than we do our own family.

If you are interested in inquiring about our client services, please reach out to us, tell us your interest and we will open a dialogue. We do not solicit or advertise our services. Our clients are generally referred to us.

Upon the acceptance of your application, you will be able to schedule an appointment to assess the suitability of a relationship with us.

Applicants must meet our minimum stated and internal requirements before being considered as a client.

If a good fit is determined, we will continue to the next phase of our process to ensure the best outcome during a personalized diagnosis and strategy session.

During this phase, you'll have the opportunity to inquire about available options to fit your specific needs and we will provide you at that time with our terms of business, fees and outlined strategy moving forward.

An open inquiry will be provided without any initial obligation. Then you will be fully educated about our service and may proceed at will.

All potential clients must submit a request for consideration
by application only. Please specify who referred you to us.
(Request form found below).

I Am Interested In Services That RBJ Financial Group Is Uniquely Qualified To Render. I Hereby Confirm That I Am A Qualified And Experienced Client, Meeting The Minimum Criteria Stated Above.

Please Send Me An Application For Your Consideration.

I Understand I May Be Placed On A Waiting List For Which I Will Be Notified of The Status of My Request Within 48-72 Hours.