Three Key Features For Maximizing Risk Control With 
The Market Vulnerability Index™ Powered By
3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology® and 
Probability Analysis Layer

Gauges When The Odds Are Best For High Probability Profit Opportunities And More Importantly When They Are Not. Our proprietary technology identifies the underlying weaknesses that are undetectable by most market participants in otherwise promising market opportunities.

This detailed level of probability analysis minimizes the uncertainty, thus the frustration and mediocre to poor performance levels that come with the inherently limited insight of traditional investment models.

With this proprietary knowledge, our traders know with confidence and great accuracy the probability of success or failure of each market opportunity before capital is committed.

Moreover, once an investment position is taken, our proprietary technology dynamically measures evolving shifts in the probability of an investment position's ability to be carried forward to its intended profit objective.

The decision-making and management process of an investment position are no longer subject to the ambiguity of the seeming unpredictability and randomness of the market.

Therefore, if the odds of success shift in midstream, our proprietary technology signals that the probability of a profitable outcome in a meaningful time-frame is beginning to erode, allowing ample time to avoid unproductive cycles in the market.

Unprecedented Forecasting Accuracy In Both Optimal Moments To Engage and Disengage The Market. Holding onto the growing risk of negative positions while hoping for a market to recover favorably is often the strategy of market participants who have been conditioned to expect this as the norm.

This posture ultimately leads to widely varied risk and eventually disappointing outcomes.

3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology® delivers a level of forecasting accuracy that signals when risk levels are increasing against an investment position.

This allows our traders to protect capital by exiting the market before it fully turns against them, thus avoiding large or growing losses.

By avoiding the downside risk which is accompanied by both direct and the indirect loss of earning potential deemed unavoidable by the industry as a whole, our proprietary technology allows investors to keep a focus on capital preservation without sacrificing upside potential.

Likely Turning Points Are Signaled Before They Occur. Making an educated guess about when and where to enter/exit a market, then hoping to make a profit within a statistical edge is the accepted norm within the financial industry.

Our proprietary technology produces real-time liquidity analysis data, which preemptively warns of imbalances in supply/demand that are likely to negatively impact an investment position.

At RBJ Financial Group our clients no longer need to submit to the conventional norm. Our proprietary technology allows our traders to confidently know where the market is likely to turn ‘for‘ or ‘against‘ them before it does, with great accuracy.

Minimal time exposure due to an accurate forecast of dynamically changing supply/demand risk factors is a critical value of the type of special situations investment strategy RBJ Financial Group employs using our proprietary technology.

It is especially crucial in the ever-changing conditions of today's volatile markets, to accomplish profit objectives while minimizing the time our positions are exposed to the markets.



There's Order...
Underneath The Seeming Chaos


What Others Claim As Random and Chaos...
Are Simply Cycles and Patterns 
They Haven't Recognized and Deciphered



"While enjoying my retirement from public life after my time on Wall Street, writing books for McGraw-Hill and leading financial publications, I was trading privately with my own capital and sharing my success through my consulting practice, when I discovered Roger Khoury (AKA "The Market Doctor™") and his Market Vulnerability Index™ powered by his 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology® and Probability Analysis Layer™ 

I soon realized that he had also turned his creation into an objective, principle-based Trading Methodology that produced a level of consistency and performance once only reserved for pit traders...



Bo Yoder is a Professional Career Trader, Internationally Recognized Author, Speaker and a Go-To Consultant In The Financial Industry On Matters of Risk Management and Trader Development.

His Work Has Been Featured In:



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?Did you know that Licensed Traders/Money Managers do not need to know how to be profitable, nor are they required to show an ability to profit in order to be licensed? Most fund managers are knee-deep in corporate politics, procedures and red-tape, prioritizing their loyalty to their paycheck.

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