The Market Vulnerability Index™ Powered By
3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology® and Probability Analysis Layer

A Proprietary Market Analysis Model
With Accurate Predictive Risk and Market Vulnerability Forecasting


What is the 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology®?

The 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology® is an analysis and filtration engine applied to any investment/trading strategy or attractive price pattern that drives the ability to objectively measure the odds for success or failure of any profit opportunity (commonly referred to in the industry as a trade set-up).

This set-up can occur in upward, downward, choppy, volatile as well as sideways moving markets (for Stocks, ETF's, Options, Commodities, Futures, Forex or Bonds), in any time-frame.

The methodology accurately forecasts which set-ups are likely to produce a successful outcome and which are likely to fail, before any capital is committed.

Just as importantly, the real-time predictive analysis and filtration process allows for ongoing accurate analysis throughout the life of an open investment position in the markets. If the odds are shifting against an open position, the investment manager/trader will be alerted and can take the appropriate action.

No More Uncertainty and Holding On To Large or Growing Negative Positions

Confident early warning signals of significant turning points are generated before they occur, with great accuracy.

This immunizes your capital against significant market corrections and reduces the general exposure to market risk, uncertainty and draw-downs to approximately 2%-3% of investment capital.

Compare that to industry norms which commonly range from 10% to 30% on average, if not more.

Above Average Returns and Consistency In Performance

Our proprietary technology enables its users to consistently and routinely post returns and win rates that exceed what most traders or investors believe to be possible, with astonishing accuracy and consistency.

By avoiding most of the losses and downturns that others deem unavoidable, the trader/investor/manager utilizing 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology® can dramatically reduce the exposure to risk and trading/investment costs, while increasing consistency, stability and total return on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

This is the cornerstone to producing a smooth, stable equity curve despite chaotic market conditions.

Our proprietary technology can be applied to strategies supplied by the 3D Apex Trading Methodology or your own preferred strategies.

What's the "3D Apex" in Predictive Failure Technology®?

The "3D Apex" aspect of the methodology, represents a comprehensive 3-Dimensional analysis of the financial markets.

The methodology encompasses a unique hybridized model that incorporates the 8 major forces that drive price action and it replaces in-depth fundamental, technical and market sentiment analysis to produce superior forecasting outcomes with great accuracy.

The results are then uniquely filtered by the proprietary loss-avoidance system, which generates probability forecasts in order to validate the feasibility of any profit opportunity.

The Game-Changer

The Process of Assessing and Qualifying An Investment

The Process of Assessing and Qualifying A Valid Worthwhile Market Opportunity, Is Similar To A Diamond. The financial markets are similar to diamonds in that they both are multifaceted. They each have many dynamic aspects and complex attributes that need to be considered before making any decision that impacts your investment.

Now imagine a special microscope that looks deep into the facets of a diamond which has multiple magnification levels for an accurate and precise assessment of the diamond. Each magnification level is a lens that provides thorough insight and perspective to each facet you have in front of you. The more complete the information, the higher the odds for a successful evaluation to achieve the desired outcome.

False Opportunities Look As Good, If Not Better Than Valid Opportunities

On the surface, things may look good, even great. But what's underneath the surface may reveal a completely different picture. Moreover, knowing what to specifically look for and understanding how to interpret this information along with what it ultimately means to each investment, is a critical component to the whole evaluation and qualifying process.

Gaining this type and level of insight has traditionally been complicated, requiring sophistication, savvy, and deep resources. Yet somehow, it still lacked the accuracy, intricate level of timeliness and dependable actionable foresight to produce superior, low risk, high reward outcomes with consistency.

Simplifying The Once Difficult and Complicated

For the first time, 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology® changes the game. It acts as the special microscope that takes all of the complexities and layers of the markets and clarifies them through our proprietary lenses with our innovative Visual Behavioral Analysis.

This groundbreaking form of analysis turns the markets into the most efficient, conservative and effective means for meaningful, reliable capital growth, without the levels of risk and uncertainty normally associated.


The Investment Paradigm Has Evolved Through
3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology® and
The Probability Analysis Layer™ Which Gave Birth To
The Market Vulnerability Indicator
™ (and Market Index)


Eliminate Stressful Holding Periods, Wasted Time and Shrinking Capital
The Probability Analysis Layer minimizes the cost of draw-downs, lost opportunities and it neutralizes the negative impact of fear and greed in the markets by reflecting the odds of success versus struggle and failure BEFORE committing to a position.

Our clients make confident, intelligent, highly informed decisions with never-before-seen accuracy, precision and success. Market participants utilizing our proprietary technology through the Market Vulnerability Index™ no longer have to go on faith or hope and get trapped in a poor/bad market condition.

They're able to forecast where the otherwise hidden vulnerabilities are forming to take defensive actions and avoid negative substantial shifts against their positions.

Self-Control, Psychology, Emotional Discipline Is NOT What It Used To Be
Removing the guesswork and uncertainty, allows our clients to confidently know what the market is doing, where it is going and when it is likely to move with the odds strongly stacked in favor of an investment position. More importantly, they will know when it is not.

No longer is the struggle to achieve good trading psychology, emotional discipline and self-control need to be a challenging endeavor.

Our proprietary technology generates clear, definable signals to what actions a market participant should take and when they should take them, thereby removing the confusion and ambiguity in the markets.

Protect Capital More Effectively
3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology® isn't only concerned with producing superior returns and consistency in performance, it's in predicting failure in a position's ability to hit a specific price target and avoiding the fool's gold in the market that most market participants pay a substantial price for engaging.

Keep More of What Is Earned
Our proprietary technology and investment/trading methodology shields financial investments from most of the traditional concerns, unpredictability and evolving risk factors in the markets.

These factors include but are not limited to central bank intervention, HFT's (high frequency trading algorithms), geopolitical uncertainty and stresses, as well as low levels of liquidity which increase market volatility and instability (See Article: Mastering Risk Control).

Confidently Invest/Trade The Markets, Without Frustrating Uncertainty
The objective signals generated from the our proprietary technology and methodology are deployed through a set of unique strategies combined with a specialized money and risk management technique.

This market insight identifies ripened profit opportunities at key areas where imbalances in supply and demand are rewarded.

Sell When You Want To, Not When You Have To
The 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology® and Probability Analysis Layer™ enables active traders and money managers to trade/invest in Stocks, Options, Commodities, Futures, Forex or Bonds, in any market condition and time frame with the confidence that they have access to the most precise and accurate information available.

This allows them to be active only during the moments when the Apex of reward potential for appropriate risk is reached with a high probability outcome. By the same token, it signals when it's ideal to avoid or disengage the market, because the odds are low or no longer favorable.

Experience First-Hand A New World of Investment Opportunities
Now Available Through Our Proprietary Analysis and Forecasting Tools