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"They believed it was impossible. They said it couldn't be done... 

So I started to hold sessions to show real time results in front of a live audience to consistently prove otherwise." 

-Roger Khoury 
Creator/Developer of: 
3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology®
The Engine That Drives Our Analysis and Forecasts


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Bo Yoder is a Professional Career Trader, Internationally Recognized Author (Twice Published by McGraw Hill), Speaker and a Go-To Consultant In The Financial Industry On Matters of Risk Management and Trader Development.

His Work Has Been Featured In:


Learn how it's possible for you to experience higher rates of return with lower levels of risk by utilizing our accurate, predictive analysis and forecasting maps of the financial market. These maps prioritize risk mitigation and loss avoidance when seeking opportunities.

The best way to reflect what RBJ Financial Group can do for your investments in the markets is to show you what our proprietary approach with 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology™ has meant for our own in-house private fund, as seen below. 

RBJ Financial Group
Event Driven/Special Situations Fund

[progressbar id="1" dimen="200" text="32.85%" info="(As of 08-31-15)" width="15" fontsize="30" percent="32.85" fgcolor="#167a00" bgcolor="#dddddd" fillcolor="#fbfbfb" type="full" border="inline"]

RBJ Financial Group Private Fund
Performance Data Provided By:
Interactive Brokers (Available Upon Request).

S&P 500 Index
- Benchmark -

[progressbar id="2" dimen="200" text="-4.21%" info="(As of 08-31-15)" width="20" fontsize="30" percent="95.79" fgcolor="#dddddd" bgcolor="#db0d28" fillcolor="#fbfbfb" type="full" border="inline"]

S&P 500 Index Fund
Performance Data Provided By:
Google Finance.

Best In Class:
Event Driven/Special Situations Index

[progressbar id="3" dimen="200" text="-4.30%" info="(As of 08-31-15)" width="20" fontsize="30" percent="95.70" fgcolor="#dddddd" bgcolor="#db0d28" fillcolor="#fbfbfb" type="full" border="inline"]

Event Driven Hedge Fund Index
Performance Data Provided By:
Hedge Fund Research.

NOTE: If the ROI above has not changed from a previous month's figure, that generally reflects no action taken for the latest month.

When our proprietary analysis has reflected unusually higher than acceptable risk levels for our objectives, coupled with a low probability for an opportunity to follow-through on the profit target we've identified, we take no action.


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