Breaking The Paradigm

Our firm's proprietary technology, 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology™ allows us to identify and avoid the majority of seemingly attractive opportunities in the market that ultimately result in mediocre to poor performance outcomes. These type of opportunities which even experienced market participants pursue, are the underlying reason for under-performing the benchmarks.

By avoiding the roller-coaster effect of draw-downs, inevitable corrections and losses that others believe are unavoidable, we reverse the traditional view that in order to capture higher returns, you must assume higher risk.

Instead, by utilizing our proprietary technology, our clients experience extremely low risk with high returns.

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 Maximizing Risk Control

Experience an unprecedented level of transparency and the ability to maintain possession of your investment capital through our client-centered structure, which is unparalleled in the industry.

Additionally, having our firm's unique ability to forecast which investment opportunities are likely to struggle or fail before any risk is assumed allows our clients to tap into out-sized returns, without the uncertainty of draw-downs, corrections and losing streaks that are common to traditional investment models.

This structure and informational advantage in the markets are made possible through the innovation of our proprietary 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology™ and our unique investment approach.

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 Real-Time Forecasting

When we first introduced 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology™ and our firm's proprietary approach to market forecasting, our critics said it was impossible to time the markets...until we did just that. We applied our technology in real-time, in front of a world-wide audience during a live month-long online event, literally forecasting the key turning points in the market.

Statistics can be distorted to fit a particular agenda. This is why we have always built our business around live interactions and real-time proof.

We invite you to watch the power of our proprietary analysis technology produce unparalleled forecasting accuracy throughout the toughest month of the year.

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Compare RBJ Financial Group Returns (YTD)
- Updated Monthly -

It's now possible to experience higher rates of return with low levels of risk through our accurate, predictive market analysis data which focuses on risk mitigation and high probability outcomes.

The best way to reflect what RBJ Financial Group can do for your bottom line is to show you what our proprietary approach with 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology™ has meant for us and our clients. 

RBJ Financial Group
Event Driven/Special Situations Fund

[progressbar id="1" dimen="200" text="32.85%" info="(As of 08-31-15)" width="15" fontsize="30" percent="32.85" fgcolor="#167a00" bgcolor="#dddddd" fillcolor="#fbfbfb" type="full" border="inline"]

*Sharpe Ratio:
**4.24 (Definition below)

*Sortino Ratio:
**19.28 (Definition below)

RBJ Financial Group Private Fund
Performance Data Provided By:
Interactive Brokers (Available Upon Request).

S&P 500 Index
- Benchmark -

[progressbar id="2" dimen="200" text="-4.21%" info="(As of 08-31-15)" width="20" fontsize="30" percent="95.79" fgcolor="#dddddd" bgcolor="#db0d28" fillcolor="#fbfbfb" type="full" border="inline"]

*Sharpe Ratio:

*Sortino Ratio:

S&P 500 Index Fund
Performance Data Provided By:
Google Finance.

Best In Class:
Event Driven/Special Situations Index

[progressbar id="3" dimen="200" text="-4.30%" info="(As of 08-31-15)" width="20" fontsize="30" percent="95.70" fgcolor="#dddddd" bgcolor="#db0d28" fillcolor="#fbfbfb" type="full" border="inline"]

*Sharpe Ratio:
Not Available

*Sortino Ratio:
Not Available

Event Driven Hedge Fund Index
Performance Data Provided By:
Hedge Fund Research.

NOTE: Accurately forecasting the market does not mean a position can or should be taken at any time. We choose to take positions only on opportunities that exhibit very low risk levels, coupled with a high probability outcome for a high reward target.

With 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology™ we no longer need to absorb higher levels of risk for higher returns. We can now generate higher returns with lower levels of risk, as our Sharpe and Sortino Ratios reflect (see ratio definitions marked by the "*" below).

If the ROI above has not changed from a previous month's figure, that generally reflects no action taken for the latest month, etc.
For this reason, we have not taken positions (trades) since the 1st quarter of this year. Our proprietary analysis has reflected unusually higher than acceptable risk levels for our objectives with low probability of follow-through on the opportunities identified thus far.

Sharpe and Sortino Ratios

Return On Investment alone isn't enough of an indicator for producing desirable outcomes. It's what is behind the number that tells the true story.

Understanding the levels of risk that were taken in order to produce the return is a better indicator of what it takes to achieve a particular objective in the market. The Sharpe and Sortino Ratios reflect the fact that our proprietary technology and unique approach to the financial markets can produce higher returns through lower risk.

There are other risk factors to consider which you can read about in one of our articles located here.

*Definitions For The Sharpe Ratio and Sortino Ratio

*Sharpe Ratio: This ratio measures the excess return per unit of risk. The ratio is used to characterize how well the return compensates the account holder for the risk taken. The higher the number, the better.

*Sortino Ratio: This ratio measures the risk adjusted return of the account. The ratio penalizes only those returns that fall below the required rate of return. The higher the number, the better. A large Sortino ratio indicates there is a low probability of a large loss.

**NOTE: Ratios are as of 03-31-2015 (Ratios are updated Quarterly based only on new and evolving performance data provided by the broker's statement. Our ratios do not change if no new activity (positions) have been executed on the RBJ Financial Group Private Fund since the last broker's statement).


Experience Investment Confidence with Above Average Outcomes

Through RBJ Financial Group's Exclusive Services
Utilizing Our Proprietary 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology™
A Financial Industry First In Reliable Real-Time Risk Mitigation and Loss Avoidance

 Immunizes Capital

Immunize Investment Capital Against Significant Market Corrections and Downturns (No More Holding On To Large or Growing Negative Positions).

 Shields Investment

Reduce General Exposure To Market Risk, Uncertainty, and Draw-downs To Approximately 2%-3% of Investment Capital.

 Predictive Risk Alerts

Warning Signals of Growing Risk Factors As Well As Significant Turning Points Are Produced Before Capital Is Committed (Signals Are Consistently Generated With A High Level of Accuracy).

 Forecasts Opportunity

Turning Point Signals Also Forecast Low Risk, High Probability Profit Opportunities For Meaningful Returns, Regardless of Market Direction.