3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology™

The Financial Industry's First Probability Analysis and Investment Model With
Reliable Real-Time Market Forecasting, Accurate Risk Mitigation and Loss Avoidance


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Do you work with qualified clients to provide personalized consulting, analysis, and research services based on your proprietary technology and methodology?


Yes. 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology™ provides an ideal filter for market participants to choose specific areas in the market for holding positions but want the added confidence of a high probability outcome within a reasonable time-frame before committing capital.

With 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology™, it is now possible to enter and exit positions with a high probability of success, unlike anything currently available in the industry. On the flip side, it is also the first time a market participant can access the kind of analysis in real-time that can forecast the likelihood of a significant turning point in the market before it occurs against a position, avoiding an unnecessary draw-down or severe correction.

This will fundamentally change how a market participant grows capital. Traditionally, all of the efforts made in the market are primarily aimed at catching a worthwhile move to realize a profit. This conventional norm has conditioned participants to accept losses along the way that are assumed unavoidable.

Through our proprietary technology and unique approach, up to 90% of the seemingly unavoidable losses can now be prevented. For the first time, market participants engage a position only when the odds are measurable and objectively stacked in favor of a profit target.


What is the "3D Apex" in Predictive Failure Technology?


The "3D Apex" aspect of the methodology, represents a comprehensive 3-Dimensional analysis of the financial markets. The methodology encompasses a unique hybridized model that replaces in-depth fundamental, technical and market sentiment analysis to produce superior forecasting outcomes with great accuracy.

The dynamic forces of supply and demand and the inherent imbalances that occur between them are an important factor in our proprietary analysis as it directly affects price. The results are then uniquely filtered by the proprietary loss-avoidance system, which generates probability forecasts in order to validate the feasibility of any profit opportunity.

Our proprietary technology enables its operators to trade/invest in Stocks, Options, Commodities, Futures, Forex or Bonds, in any market condition and time-frame with the confidence that they have access to the most precise and accurate information available.

This allows them to be active only during the moments when the Apex of reward potential for appropriate risk is reached with a high probability outcome. By the same token, it signals when it's ideal to avoid or disengage the market, because the odds are low or no longer favorable.


Is your technology and methodology a strategy or strategy-based solution?


No. Our choices and resulting outcomes are derived through a proprietary principle-based approach and does not mainly rely on strategy-based solutions that exploit circumstances, time-frame, or certain conditions.

Strategies are inherently flawed and do not generally produce a level of reliable long-term consistency in the financial markets. The financial markets are ever-changing and constantly evolve. The only constant in the market is change. However, the silver lining in this seemingly uncontrollable environment is the fact that behind every action in the market is human input, regardless of the mode of engagement, be it computerized, manual or otherwise.

Fortunately, humans exhibit dependable, repeatable patterns of behavior, though they can be irrational, they are largely creatures of habit and are driven by many of the same triggers which are identifiable, measurable and consistent throughout time, culture, language or circumstance. This principle fact is why history repeats itself.

However, it's becoming increasingly popular to have a computerized interaction with the markets. It's important to note that the market is dynamic with too many complex nuances that cannot be put into some one-size-fits-all computerized program expected to produce stable outcomes with dependable consistency over the long-term.

Remember that these computer programs are limited by what the human behind them programs at the time. This addresses the reason why we have found that computerized trading algorithms do not perform as consistently or with the same level of stability and reliability as our human-based interaction with the markets does (explained in the video below).

To date, the human mind is the only instrument equipped to efficiently and effectively handle this need, moment by moment. This is why we have chosen to operate and implement our proprietary technology and approach through human interaction with the markets.

So then, whether it's an algorithm or a human-based interaction, when relying on a strategic approach, you must remember that strategies generally work best when certain environments and/or conditions (we'll refer to as variables) exist. Once those variables shift/change or no longer exist, the strategy can suddenly and often unexpectedly fail, which literally can begin feeding on itself in a string of significant losses.

This causes the market participant to go back to the proverbial drawing board to search for yet another way to approach the markets. This is the costly, never-ending cycle and struggle for most investors and professionals. Unfortunately, this weak-link in an investment model is often discovered after it's too late.

Our proprietary principle-based approach takes into account and uniquely factors in changing variables. The principles used in our proprietary technology are not affected by time, condition or circumstance. Our unique, unconventional approach, its range of results and therefore benefits, remains consistent and reliable, regardless of market condition, time-frame or asset class.


Why do you generally have a focus on the short-term rather than the traditional long-term buy and hold?


In today's markets, filled with HFT (High Frequency Trading) Computerized Algorithms front-running the market's order flow, Central Bank manipulated markets, growing geopolitical risks and global financial uncertainty, the traditional view of buy and hold is no longer the wealth generating and retirement vehicle it once was.

The longer an investment position is held, the higher the exposure to these market risks.

Fundamental analysis alone is not enough to combat the irrational, inflated and fragile state of the markets. In a market that has experienced two 50% corrections in the last 10 years, it has never been more important to consider the time spent invested as one of the greatest risks to your capital.

Moreover, with the threat of inflation ever-increasing, the demand on growing capital while minimizing the increasing exposure to the aforementioned risks has become paramount for savvy investors and professional money managers alike.

3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology™ provides a solid, stable solution to these concerns.


How is it possible to generate higher returns without taking excess levels of risk or holding an investment for longer periods of time?


A simple way to understand the strategic concept which produces this outcome is to look at a traditional real estate investment opportunity. Many real estate investors enter the field with the idea to locate and buy a property that is in need of significant repairs (a fixer-upper) and is a burden on its owner (a motivated seller).

The conventional path to turning a profit on this investment is to buy the property at a discount and work on it to sell it for a premium which could take an average of 6 to 9 months and maybe as much as a year in some cases.

This traditional investor is willing to endure all of this effort, risk and trouble for the privilege of making a 15%-20% return on investment, while carrying the burden of the inherent liabilities of property ownership. This also exposes the investor to the potential of an event such as the 2008 crisis that caused property values to lose 15%-30% over the holding period that the investor had to carry.

But there is another business model which avoids most of the risk and makes room for a more efficient and better outcome. The same investor could become a "location specialist," and become expert in locating these special situation properties. Then, this specialist would offer the properties to a list of investors who want them in the traditional sense.

This buyer can then wholesale these properties to the investors who want to take on the fixer-upper process, and are happy to pay a 5% premium to the location specialist to avoid the arduous and time-consuming work involved in finding these opportunities themselves.

However, since the locator's time and capital is not tied up for much longer than a few days in order to close and turn these properties over to the longer term investor, they can turn over one property every one to two weeks.

Can you see how in this example, making 5% every couple of weeks for not much risk is a much better scenario than even 20% in 6 months? That is the simple secret to higher returns with less risk.

The engine we use at RBJ Financial Group to make the concept of "small, reliable, repeatable returns" possible in the world's financial markets is the innovation of our proprietary 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology™ and Methodology, which is a first in the financial industry.


Since there is a focus on the short-term, is this regarded as day trading and therefore carries the inherent risks of day trading?


No. Though on the surface, it may have characteristics of day trading, this is not day trading as one would initially assume, nor does it carry the typical risks of that type of trading. That would be like comparing a beach cruiser bicycle with a Ducati high-performance motorcycle. They are both two-wheeled vehicles but you cannot put them anywhere near the same category with each other. Moreover, the risks of using one over the other are dramatically different.

Day trading by its very nature forces the market participant to work with inherently limited analytical insight, which leads to risky, impetuous investment decisions. Also, the primary goal and focus tends to be on an aggressive pursuit to look for opportunities to make fast and easy money. This limited insight and overly-aggressive approach very often leads to poor outcomes.

Our primary goal and focus is on the safety of capital preservation and to seek opportunities that are not likely to lose money. This is accomplished by uniquely identifying and measuring opportunities through our proprietary technology that have a high probability for success, coupled with a high reward to low risk ratio (See Our Investment Philosophy Here).

In essence, we are able to provide the comfort and low risk of the beach cruiser without sacrificing the performance potential of the Ducati motorcycle.

Our proprietary approach focuses on key turning points in the market. When the forces of supply and demand shift on a fundamental level, price also shifts. When a market turns and moves in the opposite direction, it simply does so on every time-frame.

These turns and the variables, factors and underlying forces that lead up to these turning points in the market are up and down cycles (price action based on the inflow and outflow of supply and demand) and can be measured by our proprietary technology throughout the life of each cycle (bullish and bearish cycles alike).

Supply and demand is affected by fundamental data, market sentiment, as well as many other ancillary factors that are taken into consideration.

It's important to note that these cycles come in different shapes and sizes. Some are micro cycles, some are macro cycles, while others are intermediate cycles. These cycles are consistent and are fractal in nature and can have a ripple effect (NOTE: A fractal is a natural phenomenon or a mathematical set that exhibits a repeating pattern that displays at every scale. See Here).

With that in mind, most everything you see occurring in the market exhibits this fractal phenomenon on some level. This is uniquely identified and measured by 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology™ which allows market participants to take the market as a whole and break it down to its individual parts.

The data made available through this process produces a scenario where one can now fit or match their objectives within the particular framework and time-frame of the market that best suits their needs. This opens up the opportunity to consider time as a major risk factor and actually exploit the inherent benefits of being able to take this informational advantage into account and dependably act upon it.

With the ability to breakdown a macro cycle into an intermediate and micro cycle through the principle of fractals, supply and demand imbalances can be measured and acted upon to meet the needs of a market participant on a yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, hourly and even on a minute by minute basis with a high degree of accuracy, as long as sufficient data is available to input and properly execute our analysis model.


How does a market participant manage the negative impact of fear and greed through 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology™?


Fear and greed are rooted in uncertainty of future movements in the market. For the first time, investing/trading no longer needs to be a stress-filled guessing game with hopeful and luck-based outcomes. With the innovation of 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology™ and methodology, market participants can forecast highly probably price movement with great accuracy.

Our proprietary technology neutralizes the effects of fear and greed by arming its operator with confident and accurate analysis, providing users with dependable, relevant data that can be applied for reliable outcomes with consistency.


I'm having a hard time believing that your claims of consistency are real...They sound unlike anything I am familiar with in the markets and seem "too good to be true."


RBJ Financial Group routinely provides real-time live market action forecasting primarily to its clients, and based on our availability, to the general public as well, without risk, obligation or commitment. An example is provided Here and Here.

However, the cold, hard reality is that most people's experience with returns fall under the fee-based management industry. Their managers are incentivized to deliver "market returns," and are not generally compensated any differently if they stick their necks out to beat the markets. In fact, they are often disproportionally punished if they push for higher returns and fail.

Our returns are very different from what most in the industry have to offer. That is because our proprietary 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology™ allows us to build an odds profile utilizing the components described above which accurately predicts failure before it occurs.

Most traditional investment models have a "two steps forward, one step back" rhythm to their profits. Additionally, few realize that the market loses approximately 10% of its gains every 12-18 months on average. That's a hole that needs to fill back up before new growth can be experienced.

If you totaled up only their winning investments, it would be a huge return. But their losses take back most of their gains and the net is the mediocre "market returns" that have become all too familiar.

Our proprietary technology allows our investors/traders and consulting clients to avoid the majority of those losses, so that they don't give back much of their gains, and this level of analysis alone sets us apart from the rest of the investing industry.


Is the RBJ Financial Group private fund traded the same way a small personal account would be traded?


Yes and No. In terms of the process, technology and methodology, everything is the same. However, trading a larger corporate account is fundamentally going to be different than trading a personal account, generally speaking. 

First and foremost, there are liquidity issues that must be taken into account. The larger the account, the more one must consider if their liquidity is appropriate for the depth of the pool being invested in. Otherwise, the strategy being executed to achieve a particular objective can work against itself.

Also, the larger the account, the less it takes to produce a particular outcome that may be needed to make the endeavor economically feasible and the work worthwhile. As an example, 2% on one million dollars is $20,000. Yet, the same 2% on ten million dollars is $200,000. However, the correct position size (dollar amount) needed to produce the same 2% is very different on 1 million versus 10 million dollars.

These ratios and liquidity concerns must be taken into account depending on the particular market the participant is interested in, whether they use $100,000, $1,000,000, $10,000,000 or $100,000,000+.

BOTTOM LINE: All things being equal, you cannot grow ten million dollars with the same speed, time-frame or manner as a one hundred thousand dollar account. Liquidity is not infinite and therefore growth will be necessarily slower and the returns will become more and more limited with increasing amounts of capital, assuming the same strategy and approach to the market is being used.


How did you get started and how long have you been in business?


The analysis toolbox that drives everything we do at RBJ Financial Group (3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology™ and the 3D Apex Probability Analysis Layer™) was developed and implemented over a two year period from 2009-2011 by Roger Khoury based on his years of experience and study of the markets. Initially, he did this work for his own personal consumption as an independent investor who was passionate about trading the markets.

The partnership of Roger Khoury, Bo Yoder, and Dr. Jared Goldstine began in 2011. All of our partners have been independent investors, trading their own capital since the mid to late 90's. All three were at a time in their lives where they wanted to build a business that did not rely on just one person's skills and efforts.

To accomplish this goal, Roger utilized Bo's unique experience as a professional and recognized authority in the markets, and Jared's highly refined scientific skill-set, to help turn his methodology and technology into a process that could be scaled up to replicate his success through others. This was then turned into a curriculum that allowed them to develop a very unique pool of talent, which they can pull and grow from, as needed.

Under the name 3D Apex Trading, we began offering paid training and mentoring on Roger's proprietary market analysis and odds-making tools. Utilizing the self-motivated trainee model, we were able to avoid the traditional and costly gamble of hiring and training individuals to find out which ones stick and which ones do not.

We spent the next three years focusing on building a pool of talent that would allow us to scale up our operations beyond the capabilities of our three partners. We accomplished this task and proved the consistency and robustness of our edge in the markets. We were then ready to launch RBJ Financial Group in its current structure, to provide research, analysis, continued training in Roger's analysis/forecasting model for individual investors/traders and private mentoring.

We formally completed this process at the end of 2014. We decided to demonstrate the practical value of our proprietary technology and its real-time forecasting and predictive ability, by doing a live month-long trading challenge in front of a world-wide audience in December (Videos available here).

After the success of that event, we formally launched RBJ Financial Group on January 1st, 2015 and split our available time (since trading is a very part-time effort utilizing our proprietary process) between trading our corporate account, and taking on qualified clients to consult and assist with their analysis needs, while continuing with our training operations which has been where we nurture and identify future talent to bring in-house to help with our continued growth and diversification, for those who choose to engage us beyond their own abilities. 


Are you a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) or Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA)?


At present, RBJ Financial Group has not had the need to register as we strictly provide research, analysis and education/training in the model and mentoring.

We do not provide individual investment advice or any other service that requires a license of some sort.  

However, clearly when we reach the point in our expansion and diversified growth that requires registration, we will comply with all of the proper regulatory procedures necessary for that phase in growth.


How are the risks significantly less with an RBJ Financial Group account compared to traditional models?


See the elements of extraordinary low risk: Click Here.


What is your trading solution of choice?


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What are your plans and philosophy for future growth?


Interestingly, we believe in the principle that "Less Is More" and therefore, our current thinking is leaning more towards staying small, exclusive and boutique.

The Law of Diminishing Returns eventually has its effect on most everything. Due to the inherent limitations in liquidity in each market, the larger the capital base, the more work/effort, creativity and time it takes to produce the same outcomes as smaller amounts of capital achieve.

This is a significant consideration for us and is best left for the appropriate time when it demands to be considered. However, quality of life and experience are a high priority for us at RBJ Financial Group. It's unlikely that we will sacrifice it in order to simply grow.

Thank you for considering us. To APPLY for consideration, whether you are seeking to participate in our private training or to simply access our consulting, research and analysis services, CLICK HERE.

We Guarantee Satisfaction! Ask How We Accomplish That For Each Situation and Client Requirement When You Speak With Us.

At RBJ Financial Group, how much you make is only part of the equation. We believe it's more about how much you keep that makes the transformational difference in your ability to create and keep wealth. 
What would an 80%-90% level of accuracy in your investment decisions and outcomes mean to you?  What if you were able to avoid 10%+ corrections/downturns, routinely keeping more of what you already have and continue to make?  Think of the impact it will have on your ROI. It's how higher returns with lower risk are generated.
It is what our clients have come to depend on since our inception with the innovation of 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology™ and our unique approach to the markets.  Watch the video below to get the details on how these results were produced and learn about the genesis of RBJ Financial Group.