RBJ Media Release Agreement

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Media Release

I agree to allow my name, likeness, any video and/or audio recordings of me, and any and all statements made by me, either written or verbal while participating in any and all of RBJ Financial Group’s mentoring and apprenticeship programs (past, present, or future), including but not limited to any support services such as the Weekly LIVE Group Coaching and Q&A Sessions, one-on-one trade reviews, group trade reviews, any posts within any forum (e.g. Facebook), emails, voicemails, text messages, or any other forum/event in which you’re interacting in some recorded format, (collectively, the “Media”), to be utilized by Roger Khoury and RBJ Financial Group in the production and broadcast of any and all forms of media for any legitimate commercial purpose.

I pledge that my consent to the release of “Media” to Roger Khoury and RBJ Financial Group is voluntary and is provided without receiving compensation or other valuable consideration.  I further represent that the information provided in the Media Release is true and accurate.

I acknowledge and agree that, for the purpose of this Media Release, Roger Khoury and RBJ Financial Group are the sole owners of the “Media” and are entitled to the exclusive use of the proceeds and any product resulting from the use of the media as permitted herein.

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