How To Conquer An Impossibly Complex System Easily And Simply!

There are so many complex systems that we interact with each and every day…

Your car…

Your smartphone…

Chances are you have no real and concrete understanding of how either really works.

My car burns gasoline, and the controlled explosion moves a piston and that has horsepower and that connects somehow to the wheels and makes it go.

My phone uses radio waves to talk to another computer and it turns my voice into 1 and 0 and somehow that gets reassembled on the phone of the person that I’m talking to and comes out the speaker.

Sound about right?

The reason you can completely control such complex systems on an everyday basis and have them do pretty much exactly what you want, when you want them to is because the folks who created the system also created something called a “User Interface”.

When you sit down behind the wheel of your automobile, and put your feet on the pedals, you are interacting with a user interface.

When you swipe, press, tap and click on a phone, you are interacting with a user interface.

Your head would explode if I sat you down and started to describe each aspect of the system and how it works and how it works with all the other components of the system.

Bottom line?


You don’t care how it works, you just want the utility of getting where you want to go, calling a friend, or adding something to your calendar.

I am a systems guy…

I marvel at how they work and have the type of engineering mind that seeks out the “how” and enjoys the process of learning.

I don’t build cars or phones, but I have built trading strategies.

A trading strategy is a user interface which allows you to interact with one of the most complex systems in existence…

The world’s financial markets!

I’m going to set a timer for 1 minute and just put down all the things that I can think of that cause markets to move…

      • Management decisions
      • Economic news
      • Rumors
      • Technical analysis
      • Fundamental analysis
      • Newspaper articles
      • TV stories
      • System/Strategy triggers
      • Tips from a golf buddy
      • Elections
      • Wars
      • Coups
      • Terrorist attacks
      • Terrorist arrests
      • Mergers
      • New products
      • FDA approvals

And that’s all I came up with in just one minute!

IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to track, analyze and predict a market based on these raw inputs in real time…

You just don’t have the mental bandwidth to interpret and analyze all these possible market movers.

So what do you REALLY WANT from the markets?



So what you really need is a USER INTERFACE, something that will allow you to have command and control over your trading, so that you can “just drive” and not have to worry about how everything under the hood is working.

For the world’s financial markets, that User Interface (Or “UI”) is a system, strategy, methodology.

All those words mean the same thing…

A set of rules, tools and structures that allow you to simply and easily turn all the complexity of the inputs I described above into 3 simple states…




If this sounds too simplistic and I’m losing you in this thought experiment, then I challenge you to apply the same logic to your car…

If you distill all that it does down to the basics, your car has just 4 states…





Now the power that drives the complex systems in your car is the energy created by burning gasoline.

The power that drives the complex systems in the market is PROBABILITY.

Probability is an immutable force…

It is omnipotent and omnipresent…

It encompasses ALL inputs and ALL market forces in one tidy package.

All you need is a UI that makes those infinite probabilities simple and easy to identify and analyze…

We have built that UI in the methodology that my partner Roger Khoury created...

A suite of tools we call “3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology®”.

It offers an objective way to measure the forces of supply and demand that drive the markets, so that you can know your odds for success or failure before you take a trade and get stuck.

The only downside is that this is a very sophisticated and comprehensive methodology, and it takes a fair amount of focused attention and an intense period of apprenticeship in order to master it.

However, about a year ago Roger had a breakthrough…

He realized that he could separate just one of the tools within our methodology…

A tool that we could teach quickly and easily to anybody, no matter their level of market experience which would allow them to “Layer” a probability analysis function on top of any current system or strategy.

In the past, you could only be taught 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology® if we thought you had the talent to one day become part of our proprietary trading desk. 

We had to get to know you personally and you would have gone through a rigorous interview process, because as you might imagine we have kept our edge in the markets close to our chest.

But with this one simple tool, we saw a way to turn 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology®, into a UI that we COULD share and that would allow traders and investors to radically improve their experience in the markets…

We have named this the 3D Apex Probability Analysis Layer, or P.A.L.

If you would like to be able to take whatever system, strategy, or methodology you have already invested in, and dramatically increase your average win rate by learning how to identify and avoid losing trades BEFORE you take them and get stuck, then please click the link below.  On this page, you can watch the methodology in action on a live market, and book an appointment for a FREE strategy session today...