Is Trading A Dying Business?

When I saw this line in a recent article from the Wall Street Journal I was a bit shocked!

“With one big exception I’ll discuss later, trading is dying…It’s not coming back, guys, so maybe you should learn a useful trade like being a plumber or electrician. I’m serious.”

You can READ THE ARTICLE HERE, but its basically all about how trading volumes and participation have dropped horribly in recent years.

I have to step in here and tell you that yes…TRADITIONAL trading strategies and models are struggling, but it’s totally ridiculous to say that trading is dying or that there is no money to be made in the markets…

My experience in the past days, weeks and months tell a very different story.

Add that to the levels of profitability that our traders are seeing on a week to week basis and it paints a picture of consistent and reliable cash flow.


Why aren’t we getting CRUSHED like so many other traders?

I believe that this is because of a total focus shift in our business from “chasing the money” or “finding more winners” to a RELENTLESS drive to eliminate losing trades from our trading businesses.

Let’s think about this concept for a minute…Imagine that you and I are betting $100 on a coin flip.

If the coin lands heads, I win $100.

If the coin lands tails, you win $100.

I get you to agree that if I yell NO BET while the coin is in the air, the bet is off…

After we agree on this bet, I start laughing manically and pull out a high speed camera hooked up to a computer and smugly turn this technology on.

The camera captures the coin’s movement as it flips, and the computer takes these images and models the coins flight in the air, so that it can predict with accuracy how the coin will land.

Look at how the odds shift if this technology can eliminate 75% of the losing flips:

“Normally”, out of 100 flips you would expect to see 50 heads and 50 tails for a 50% “win rate”.

BUT, if I can call out NO BET on 75% of those losers I would ELIMINATE 37 of the losing trades (or $3,700 in losses!)

Now the math is very different…

100 flips would produce the same 50 wins, but only 13 losers because of the loss avoidance technology I had deployed!

Can you see how this loss avoidance technology allowed me to transform a 50% win rate into almost an 80% win rate?

This is the secret to not only surviving but actually THRIVING in any market environment, and this “Predictive Failure Technology®” is the backbone of our 3D Apex Trading Methodology.

This allows you to increase the number of winners vs losers you take, even if you apply this technique onto a weak or under-performing pattern or strategy.

I challenge you to go back to your trading logs and extract the last 20 losing trades that you took.

Then go over all these trades, making sure to look at different time-frames and see if you can find any patterns that may emerge…

What patterns gave you false setups?

Were one or two patterns responsible for the bulk of your losses?

Did your losers deliver SOME profit before failing?

If so, how much…are there patterns in follow through there?

You will be amazed at how much information is available if you just go looking for it in your past losers. 

This is just the process that Roger went through (about 8,000 hours worth) which gave him the patterns in his losses that led to the creation of Predictive Failure Technology and the 3D Apex Probability Analysis Layer™.

Give us a few minutes and we will prove how this technical innovation can help radically change your experience in the markets, CLICK HERE to see 3D Apex P.A.L.™ Applied To A LIVE Market!