What if You Could Avoid Setbacks?

Everybody who has ever tried their hand at trading or investing will have had some stunning winners…

The problem is that they also have a bunch of stunning losers which take back their profits before they have time to spend or enjoy them!

It’s so simple and logical to tell somebody to “buy low and sell high”…

What is “low”???

How do I define “high”???

The majority of traders and investors spend their time looking for an edge in the markets.

They search high and low for new ways to predict the market and make more money…

However, they consistently ignore the one big thing that could make ALL their profitable strategies A LOT MORE PROFITABLE!

What if you COULD “predict them”…

What if you had an objective way to identify and avoid losing trades???

The secret is to flip your analysis on its head and begin to look for patterns within your losses…

By spending just as much time analyzing losing trades and patterns that fail, you can come up with a methodology to help you identify which opportunities are likely to fail…


(And get stuck in yet another loser)

Create this analysis as a layer…

Something that sits on top of what you are currently doing without disrupting your current edge.

In our trading business, we call this toolbox our Probability Analysis Layer™ or “P.A.L.™” and it’s a critical aspect of our proprietary 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology®…the engine that helps us consistently outperform in any market, in any season, under any sort of market condition.

It was developed by investing thousands of hours of research into over 16,000 individual trade reviews.

Through time, patterns emerged which allowed us to accurately and objectively value the odds for success or failure for each trade opportunity that presents itself.

This accurate information totally eliminates the gamble from the trading/investing process as it gives you the ability to know what the odds are from the outset, so that you can decide which trade is right for your individual risk appetite.

So take the time to develop a Probability Analysis Layer™ for your trading/investing business and you will soon see how being able to pass on many of your losing trades will instantly and radically boost your bottom line!